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Thank you for sending your student's entries to the's art contest. We are glad you entered your students in the contest. Overall for the contest the top 25% of the entries are accepted to be published. However, the quality of your students’ art was exceptional. For the entries we have received at the time of this judging, you will have all of your entries accepted to be published. Congratulations. Our judges felt that your students’ art was beyond the grade level in comparison to other students.

It is always refreshing to view art from a great teacher who takes the time to really show students how to create. In judging thousands of pieces of art, it really comes down to the teacher. Thank you for sharing your work
- Editor,

Have you ever wished you could paint but were afraid you had no talent? Lise Kitzman is an extraorindary teacher with unending patience! Her classes are so
small they may as well be private. Come and learn
in a non threatening environment and explore your creative side. I guarantee that Lise will gently draw out your talent and you will proudly take home your first efforts! Who am I? A student who won't leave...
- Frankie Picasso

Sketch of Texaco Gas Station

to the Hespeler School of Art

Spring 2019 classes are now posted.
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At the Hespeler School of Art, we encourage creativity in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. We offer a variety of programs - starting from age 6 and up.

Our drawing programs provide a strong foundation for applying the technical
aspects of drawing in dimension.

The painting programs focus on the creative role in art. We encourage the exploration of the individual's style and perception of their subject.

Regardless of your level of ability, we're confident that we can help you develop your skills to the next level ... and beyond!